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We have found that as a team, we're able to represent our clients first as individuals and then together as home sellers with a singular goal. We want you to make the most possible profit out of your house and are dedicated to serving you at the highest level. With meticulous attention to detail, our expertise lies in our ability to navigate the emotions of the home sale process swiftly and with respect to our clients.


Our goal is to make selling your home the simplest part of the divorce process. We take the time to educate and inform all parties every step of the way, with a huge emphasis on tailoring the experience to meet the individual needs of our clients.


- The Colter Team

Case Study

Meet Paul and Jackie

Paul and Jackie are in the very early stages of dissolving their marriage. It has been established that Jackie will remain in the home until it sells. Paul wants the house on the market immediately and to get it sold as fast as possible. Jackie is doing her best to get the house prepared to list, but works full time and isn't sure what needs to be done. After a quick phone call to us, we contact both Paul and Jackie separately to see how they would like to meet us, be it together or at different appointments.

Our communication with both of them is identical; we are here to make them the most possible profit out of their home sale, according to the necessary timeline, while supporting both of their wishes all along the way. We give Jackie a step by step process of preparing the home for listing, helping her where needed. We keep Paul informed every step of the way so he knows what work is being done in preparation. We ask for his input and knowledge about the house, and continue to communicate with them separately. We believe both parties feel the need to have individual representation, and we're able to accommodate that by allowing both clients to choose which of us they'd like to primarily work with. 

Before the home is listed we take the time to educate both clients about the importance of pricing, our professional opinions, and our suggested strategy. We have found that when one person wants to "win" by picking the list price, all parties lose when the professional valuation is ignored. We coach Jackie on how to best facilitate showings to keep the pace of the home sale process on track. 

Communication with both clients continues to be identical as we progress, informing each of them and answering their individual questions. We address their individual concerns, desires and needs throughout the entire process, and take the upmost care of how delicate a home sale during a divorce can be. 

We'll update your attorneys and make sure every member of your team is on the same page. The best part? We'll tailor the experience to their unique needs. Is the separation such that each clients needs to be emailed separately, to sign separately? We'll make it work! We're here to serve you, and to make the home sale the smoothest part of your divorce. 

  • 10 Frequently Asked Questions


    1. Will I have to communicate with my soon-to-be ex while we get through this? No. We will never ask you to communicate directly if you don't want to. 

    2. What if the remaining spouse won't get the house ready to list? That's our job to work through. We'll coach and work with the remaining spouse to achieve the task at hand of getting the home sold. It is in everyone's best interest to make the house as attractive and clean as possible. 

    3. We haven't agreed on how to split the proceeds yet, is that an issue? Potentially. We will need to work hand in hand with your attorneys to coordinate the details. If it has not been agreed upon how to handle the proceeds, they may be tied up in escrow until a solution is found. 

    4. Should we sell before or after the divorce? In almost every case it is ideal to sell the home before the divorce. Married couples are eligible for a $500,000 tax exclusion while individually you are only eligible for up to $250,000. You may both end up saving thousands of dollars by strategically planning your divorce. 

    5. What if we have verbally agreed to continue to split the mortgage payment each month until the house sells? We HIGHLY recommend making all financial agreements in writing during a divorce as emotions run high and emotional decisions tend to change over time. 

    6. We have a friend/family member in real estate who has offered to help us out, is that a good idea? Every situation is different, but in our experience having a completely neutral third party representing you throughout the sale is best for all parties. With us there is no favoritism, we come from a place of compassion and support. 

    7. What if we disagree about how to proceed with an offer? As your real estate professionals, it is our job to thoroughly explain what every detail of a contract entails. Once all parties are fully educated on the details, we find that there is usually one clear, reasonable path to take. We will never force you to agree to anything you don't want to. 

    8. How available will our Realtors be? We are dedicated to our clients and are available every day of the week by call, text and email. We are flexible and accommodating to make sure we always have time to answer your questions. 

    9. What if things change and we no longer want to sell? We have an easy-in, easy-out contract. You will be able to cancel your listing at any time. 

    10. What are the benefits of selling? When deciding to sell or not, it's important to do a cost-benefit analysis to make sure that selling is the right financial decision. We can do the analysis for you, and walk through it with you to determine which path is right for you. Considering what you get from keeping or selling the house is vital. Selling a previously shared home is often the cleanest break two people can make. If done correctly, you may stand to make a nice profit to offset the other costs associated with divorce, and start your new lives off right. 

Results Driven